About PJE Los Angeles

PJE Los Angeles is a premier maker of fun, hip clothes for cool people.  That means you!  As part of our community service agreement, we offer super comfortable pieces that are both stylish and thrilling to wear.

Our garments combine superior fabrics, killer graphics and an in-the-know worldview for a confidently effortless look.  Specially mixed and carefully applied screenprinting inks in tandem with an enzyme plus silicone wash completes the package, giving our shirts a soft feel that is pleasantly luxurious in nature.

Founder Peter Epstein serves as president and co-executive designer at PJE Los Angeles.  Prior to launching the line, Peter served as a communications advisor to firms in the aviation, finance, technology and gaming industries. 

A product of the Upper West Side of Manhattan where he spent his first 18 years, Peter decamped to San Francisco in the late 1990s.  Following four years participating in the dot-com boom, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2001.  Peter holds a B.A. in Film from Vassar College.

If Peter could wear a white polyester tuxedo every day, life would surely be grand.